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June 2015

We have owned three Formostar’s for about 5 years now. The revenues it produces are superior per square foot to any tanning bed or auxiliary service on the market. The Formostar is effective, durable & my clients love it! Besides that, it has enabled me to effectively diversify, bringing many more “non-tanners’ into my salons. Many of these have stayed with us to also use other services we offer. It’s great having a leg up on the competition!

Chris has been great to deal with. His customer service is second to none & he genuinely cares. The Formostar Body Melt Gel is also yet another way to increase your revenues.

Thanks Chris & Thanks Formostar!!

Adrian Demich
Tansmania Tanning Salons
New Jersey
(732) 940-1600

March 11, 2015 

Hi Chris!

The FormoStar is being used 8-11 times A DAY!! The next 4 days are solidly booked, no more appointments but we have a waiting list for any cancellations or no shows. 

Our clients use it once to try it out then normally sign onto a 3, 6 or 12 month unlimited membership. 

Some only choose a one month unlimited option, but I feel it’s because they are afraid of commitments. They may have had bad experiences at other salons or gyms. 

Truly we can barely keep up with the bed turn over. But too, I am cautiously watching how the sales in the summer will go. I’m worried that not many will want to leave the heat outdoors and get into heat with the formostar indoors.   I guess we will see. 

One of numerous testimonials is a woman in her 40’s, has 10 children, the youngest is 2 the next up is 3 and so on. After her last child she lost a lot of weight leaving a lot of sagging skin. Too, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy. While she was having to get the mastectomy she decided too to have a lot of the excess skin from her weight loss removed. She began to feel pretty good about herself and confidant! So she decided to enter a pageant in Idaho. A lot more work had to be done to look amazing in the gowns she had to wear when competing and or making appendices. Luckily one day she ran into one of our (Miss. Idaho International 2014} team members and over heard a discussion of some new amazing machine that would effortlessly help you loose weight and tone up! She came to our salon and signed up for the Formostar wraps. 

After her second wrap she came to us and exclaimed that she had been taking pictures of herself to watch the change happening with her body. Well, it was truly crazy how she began to tone up and shrink up!! She began as a size 33 and by wrap 5 was a 26! Her hips lost numerous inches as did her thighs. The gap between her legs grew tremendously and knees became very visible. Her tummy tightened up.

She comes about 2x a week and looks amazing! We are very proud of all of her accompaniments!

Another surprise was that many clients are telling me they are seeing a change with their bodies at 2 wraps! I thought that was a bit fast but MANY tell me this all the time!

Thanks so much to Formostar for putting me on the map. Thanks Chris for all of your support & great marketing ideas!

Modesty Labbe
Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness LLC
Sunburn prevention – not sun avoidance – is the best and most natural approach for everyone!
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Boise, Idaho 83706
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