TMS and goodismDr. John Sarno

TMS, also known as Tension Myositis Syndrome, was discovered by a Dr. John Sarno. He is my hero, and I love that man very much. TMS is also known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome, or The Mind Body Syndrome. TMS and goodism refers to a distinct personality trait that is almost one-hundred percent common among those who suffer from TMS.


Dr. John Sarno was a medical doctor who treated people with pain. Specifically, back pain. He was the director of pain management at the Rusk Institute, in Manhattan, New York. Dr. John Sarno became very frustrated at his “by the book” efforts, while at first effective, not giving his patients long lasting, or as was his intention, permanent healing. Dr. John Sarno discovered, through much trial and error, that certain personality traits were very common amongst his patients. People that also had stomach problems, headaches, pain in other areas of their bodies, and more. Goodism was one that continually kept presenting itself. Goodism, as it related to TMS, is a personality characteristic, where the person always wants to please others. To be viewed as good. Always, and constantly trying to prove that they are good people. Wanting to be liked.

TMS and goodism is just about the most common personality trait of those that have TMS. Most often thought of in terms of Dr. Sarno’s original works, TMS is really any and all physical pain, anxiety, depression and a host of other psychosomatic symptoms. I suffered from excruciating back pain for many years. I finally found a little book called “Healing Back Pain” and it literally changed my life. I have been both pain and TMS symptom free for some thirty-years now, but felt like reading up a bit on Dr. Sarno. I checked out his website, and “brushed up” a bit. I am thinking about becoming a TMS coach, actually. I have a passion for helping others. TMS and goodism, perhaps? For more about Dr. Sarno, TMS and goodism and more, make sure to check out the webite I referenced earlier. TMS is a worldwide affliction. If you would like to see the availability of some of Dr. Sarno’s books in different languages, click on to