The life of a new authorThe Boxcar Traveler

I was never really very good in school. I remember even as far back as kindergarten feeling uncomfortable. I hid in the back of the classroom and shrunk down so no one would see me. I was not at all shy, just really lacked confidence in myself as far as learning. As I got a bit older, I realized that I was a good speller. In fact, a very good speller. Now, if you would have told me during any of my school days that I would eventually become an author… The life of a new author is an interesting one.

My dad grew up in a tough area. In fact, my second novel, “Johnny and Grace”, is based on his life. He made his way out of this tough childhood and actually became a very expressive man. He did some acting, as well as writing. When he recently suggested that I try writing, I thought he had lost his mind! The life of a new author can be very challenging.

So, I tried to do a little bit of writing. I actually have always loved the movie “Titanic”. I had this idea for a sequel. (Yes, I know the boat went down… but did they ever find Jack’s body?) So, as silly as it sounded, I mentioned it to my dad. He flipped out! He loved it and practically begged me to put it all down on paper. So, I did.  The life of a new author is interesting to say the least.

My first novel is titled “The Boxcar Traveler”. I actually thought of the title first, and then wrote the story. Ironically, when I was almost a teenager, my dad and I went through the usual up’s and downs. When I was angry, I would dream of escaping. Dream about “hitting the rails”, jumping on a train, a boxcar train and traveling the world. The romanticism appealed to me. The life of a new author can be frightening.

After I finished my first novel, I had to learn how to get it published. Wow. What a scary new world. After much trial and error, I decided that my best bet would be to self-publish. I decided to go with Amazon. Create space is their book and publishing venue.  The life of a new author can be a life fraught with obstacles.

After self-publishing, I learned that there are so many scams out there. Everyone has an angle. There are a million and one “programs”, and things for sale. Here is my author website: Check it out! Thanks!