Adipose Tissue and what could go wrong.Adipose Tissue


Adipose tissue is a certain type of fat. This fat is stored in the human body. Too much adipose tissue can lead to very dangerous health problems. Not enough adipose tissue can have negative health consequences as well. Too much adipose tissue often can lead to obesity which is one of the leading causes of death. It may lead to diabetes, elevated bad cholesterol as well as heart disease and a host of other medical maladies. High blood pressure is also a negative side effect of obesity. High blood pressure can also lead to many dangerous health problems, some which are often deadly. There are many ways to combat high levels of adipose tissue. Healthy eating habits, diets based on raw plant foods, vegetables, fruits, lean cuts of meat and plenty of filtered water all may contribute to being able to avoid these negative health conditions. But what happens when you’ve already gotten dangerous fat levels? Besides dieting and getting on track to changing your eating and lifestyle habits for the long term? Well, there are many different approaches. One is an approach that has been used for hundreds of years: Infrared heat. Infrared heat is the warm feeling that you feel when you venture outside on a nice, warm day. When applied to the human body, this “light energy” is perceived as heat. One such way of accelerating this approach is by using a machine called The Formostar. The Formostar is an Infrared Body Wrap System that applies both far Infrared as well as near Infrared heat energies directly to the human body. It breaks down and emulsifies adipose tissue into such infinitesimal parts that the human body then consumes these particles as energy. It is also a safe way to lose fat quickly as these fats’ are not simply dumped back into the bloodstream, but rather become an energy source. I did some research on adipose tissue and the best ways to deal with both avoiding developing it in the first place, as well as getting rid of stores that one may have already accumulated, and found a great source of information at I will leave you a short excerpt of this article below. If you like it and would like to see the rest of the article, please click on

Both too much and too little adipose tissue can have severe health implications. More commonly, too much adipose tissue leads to obesity, mainly from too much visceral fat. Obesity leads to a number of serious health problems. Obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as it causes the body to become resistant to insulin. This resistance results in high levels of blood sugar, which is bad for health. Obesity also increases the chance of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and an increased tendency for blood to clot. All of these raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke.