Formostar and TMS


Formostar and TMS.  TMS, stands for Tension Myositis Syndrome. Doctor John Sarno, a pioneer in mind body medicine, discovered and named TMS. After many years of practicing traditional medicine, including surgery, Doctor John Sarno, realized that in the majority of cases, back pain and many other “symptoms”, were manifestations of the subconscious’ mind’s attempts to distract one from unpleasant, socially unacceptable thoughts.

Doctor Sarno passed away recently. In fact, they was a movie that was made over the course of a decade or so, called “All The Rage: Saved by Sarno”. This movie chronicles the pursuit of a “cure” of back pain and many other manifestations of Tension Myositis Syndrome. By the way, Tension Myositis simply means “tension in the muscles”. Doctor Sarno discovered that the subconscious mind, in an effort to distract us from repressed emotions, often rage, creates symptoms. It can be a very effective strategy.

So how does Formostar and TMS come into play? The Formostar increases oxygen rich blood flow. You would think that this would the provide a “cure” for Tension Myositis Syndrome? In anything other than Tension Myositis syndrome, the Formostar does help pain. Back pain, and all types of pain. Especially muscular in nature. However, this specific type of pain emanates from the subconscious mind exclusively. So, it may provide a temporary relief, or even a placebo effect, but the one and only way to “cure” Tension Myositis Syndrome, is to expose it. To show the subconscious mind that you are wise to its strategy.

Formostar and TMS is not addressed by Doctor Sarno. I do not believe that he was aware of it. For some really interesting reading on Doctor Sarno and Tension Myositis Syndrome, please click on  I just want to add, that the Formostar is great for all types of pain. But nothing, other than addressing the subconscious mind will truly help Tension Myositis Syndrome.