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Formostar and Style has an interesting connection. The proper fit, when choosing a style of clothing, is only a part of the actual equation.

Much of the style of the clothes that we wear, is dependent on what our “famous” people around the world are wearing. From actors and actresses’, to famous athletes, to even politicians, we have pretty much always tried to emulate those that we at one point or another, have a tendency to put up on a pedestal. Now, whether I personally agree or disagree with this is pretty much irrelevant. Whether or not I personally even like this is also of no consequence. (I do not like it! I am pretty much a blue jeans and tee-shirts kind of guy.) We have pretty much always had a tendency to try to emulate, the rich and the famous. Formostar and Style can actually become an important consideration when we start to choose a wardrobe.

When we use the Formostar, which is an infrared body wrap heat treatment, we can realize pretty rapid reductions in body fat. We can also lose weight, as well as achieve a new level of body contouring. When we achieve a healthy, and more appropriate body weight and body size, we are more likely to be interested in styles of clothing that are deemed more fashionable, and more in current style. It seems especially true in warmer climates or in the spring, as well as the summer seasons. More bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and more revealing attire is generally seen. Formostar and Style

Comes in to play even more at these times of the year. After a Formostar treatment, fat starts to be emulsified. The machine uses both far infrared, as well as near infrared heat energies. This really helps to slim, tone and tighten. Just what we need to feel like we can wear more stylish attire! Formostar and Style

Go perfectly together. I read a good article about style, and especially as it relates to us as we reach middle age. (Like I have!) I found it at . I think that I will leave a short excerpt below. If you like it and are at all interested, please click on to to read the article in its entirety. Thank you.

Do you know what colors look best on you?

Use a mirror and a friend to find out. Build your wardrobe around these colors, and you will always have clothes that coordinate.

Solid colors are sophisticated, and they offer many opportunities to accessorize with the latest trends.

Learning how to dress with style starts with making wise choices.