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I never like to talk (argue) about politics. I mean, it is a no win predicament. You literally van never have a calm discussion these days when the subject matter revolves around politics. However, it seems to be even more the case recently, since Donald Trump was elected President of The United States. I am truly an Independent. Over the years, I have mainly voted Democrat. The Republican party always seemed like a big bunch of insensitive, mean and angry “white guys”. I turned eighteen in nineteen hundred and seventy-six. I voted for Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, he is looked at now, by most, as a pretty bad President. I do not really think that is very fair, but it is what it is. Formostar and Donald Trump. Now, what in the world does that have to do with this blog?

I used to own a tanning salon. For fifteen years actually. Then, for a variety of different reasons, I sold it. The Industry was really nose-diving, and doing so very quickly. One of the things that I added to the business was a machine called The Formostar. It is an Infrared body wrap system that emulsifies fat and cellulite as well as helping to manage chronic pain. So, when I sold my tanning salon, I decided to sell the formostar’s. I would go on to target Tanning salons, Gyms, medical spas, wellness centers, and chiropractors. Business has really started to pick up, and I was wondering if this had anything to do with Donald Trump, and the “Trump economy”. Formostar and Donald Trump, will my success go hand in hand with Donald trump’s success at revitalizing the economy?

When I was younger, and a “Republican hater”, I often heard the term “trickle down economics”. I knew that it was a “Reagan thing” but was not really certain about too much more than that. I did some reading on and found some interesting, related subject matter. I will leave some of that information for you to check out below. If you would like to learn more about Trickledown economics and the relationship to the “Reagan years’ and how that may once again relate to our American economy, click on to . Formostar and Donald Trump. Let us see how this all works out.

Trickle-down economics, also referred to as trickle-down theory, is an economic theory that advocates reducing taxes on businesses and the wealthy in society as a means to stimulate business investment in the short term and benefit society at large in the long term. It is a form of laissez-faire capitalism in general and more specifically supply-side economics. Whereas general supply-side theory favors lowering taxes overall, trickle-down theory more specifically targets taxes on the upper end of the economic spectrum.[1][2]

The term trickle-down originated as a joke by humorist Will Rogers and today is often used to criticize economic policies which favor the wealthy or privileged, while being framed as good for the average citizen. In recent history, it has been used by critics of supply-side economic policies, such as “Reaganomics“. David Stockman, who as Reagan’s budget director championed Reagan’s tax cuts at first, but then became critical of them, told journalist William Greider that the “supply-side economics” is the trickle-down idea:[3][4]