Facebook and your jobfacebook

 Facebook and your job, is an interesting subject. I have been self-employed for almost thirty full years now. I actually started self-employment, way before facebook was even a thought.

However, I did own and operate a retail store. Facebook and your job was, at that point not even of the slightest concern.It was a tanning salon, as well as a spa. We dealt with hundreds of people, every single day. While I am a very detailed oriented person, thus doing tons of research before making any purchases, having the best of the best to offer my customer base was not the number one most important thing. It was actually customer service. I opened my tanning salon and spa in nineteen ninety-eight. This was about six years before facebook was invented. Facebook and your job did not concern me then at all. But I would learn! I do not even think cell phones were popular then. Can you imagine? I would have the usual problems with what would usually amount to a primarily female, younger staff. Boyfriend issues, pimples and other girly stuff. (I was about a forty-year-old male) It was impossible to expect teenage girls to leave all of their issues at the front door. But we tried. So, around two thousand and five, we started to see an issue with the staff going onto something called facebook, and they were doing so during working hours. Facebook and your job was becoming a concern now.To me, this was a big no-no as anything, no matter how small, that took anything away from customer service, customer attention or customer focus, was not going to be tolerated. But it persisted. Did I have to take away cell phones at the door? I mean, I was a pretty understanding boss, but this was bad news and just plain old bad business. Sao, I had a staff meeting and outlined the rules concerning facebook in particular, but all forms of present social media, as well as any future forms of social media. On occasion, I would get a trusted client who came to me, in a very nice way, pointing out that there were times when I was not there that the staff would be immersed in facebook while clients waited for service. That was it.  Facebook and your job had officially become a concern, and something that I decided that I very much needed to deal with. Cell phones to be left in your car or employee room, as soon as you arrived at work. I mean, I was paying people to work. Not interact with friends! Facebook wound up being a very valuable resource for advertising. Both paid ads as well as our company website. It just makes me wonder how business’ deal with this phenomenon. Facebook is an American, for profit company. It is an online social media company and is based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded in two thousand and four in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Mark Zuckerburg. To read a little bit more about Facebook, you can actually just go to their own page at www.facebook.com. You can simply type in “Facebook” in the search box at the top left of any page.