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Coca Cola was one of my favorite beverages to drink when I was a kid. Growing up, Coca Cola was to me, a refreshing, uplifting and energy producing treat. I say treat, as in a family of seven, and many more as far as including all the friends that visited as well as slept over, name brands like Coca Cola were pretty expensive compared to the store brand cola’s. I grew up in New Jersey and one of the most popular chain type food stores was Acme supermarkets. “Acme Cola” was only nine cents for a full can! Acme cola, wow, that sure does bring back memories. Nine cents? I must really be getting old! I am now fifty-seven years of age and am starting to be concerned about my weight, my sugar numbers and overall health. I pretty much stopped drinking soda a long while back but od late, have started to have a craving for Coca Cola. So, I decided to do some research and try to learn a little bit more about Coca Cola. I actually remember my dad saying that the best thing about Coca Cola was its ability to do two things: Clean car windows and eat away at your stomach. Boy I sure hope that is not true. I seem to remember that somewhere along the line, I had heard that Coca Cola actually at one time had cocaine in it! Could this possibly be true? How was Coca Cola initially as well as actually invented? What was its purpose? It may seem like a bit of a strange subject to research as well as write a blog about but again, I am starting to look at all of my sugar consumption as well as ways to cut back on it. Middle age will do this to us sometimes. So, I found a really cool article at and I will leave you a portion of it below. Click onto to read the balance of the article.


While Pemberton’s soft drink would eventually prove to be a hit at soda fountains, he was more of an idea man than a marketing expert: Coca-Cola languished for years until a businessman named Asa Griggs Candler took over the business following Pemberton’s death in 1888. To raise awareness, Candler had sales representatives hand out coupons good for a free serving. Once people tried it, they kept coming back for more—and forking over five cents a glass thereafter.

Most pharmacists admit that pretty much anything they mix up is going to taste awful. The most spectacular exception: Coca-Cola, a flavored syrup combined with carbonated water that was invented by Atlanta druggist John S. Pemberton in 1886 and has gone on to become one of the most beloved refreshments of the modern world. Check out some facts about Coke’s illustrious history, why Pepsi once gave them a hand, and how bottlers developed some of the most huggable curves in the world.