Coca Cola’s announcementCoca Cola

Growing up in the nineteen seventies, and with five kids in our home, (way more than that when you add in all of the friends that we all had over) my mom had to find many different ways to stay within her budget. Soda was one of them. Sure, there were other economical ways to do so: Kool-Ade was expensive, so mom went with “Cheeri-Aide”. It tasted terrible, but with so many kids around, if they put it in front of you, you better eat, or drink it, and fast, otherwise it would almost certainly be gone. As far as soda, mom went mostly with the store brands. I believe that they called them “No-Frills”? There was Shop Rite Cola, Acme Cola and every great once in a while, mom got the good stuff: Coca Cola! Coca Cola’s announcement recently about how they weren’t just a soda company, was an interesting one.

You see, when I started to really think about their motives, it became fairly obvious. We all know that big time corporate America is almost always motivated by the almighty dollar, right? So, what was up Coca Cola’s sleeve this time. I remember that a few years ago, Mayor Bloomberg, of New York City, pushed for laws that restricted the definition of “large” when serving those monster soda’s. Both regular, as well as frozen. (We used to always call them “Frozen Cokes”) You see, his thinking was that soda has tons and tons of sugar in it, so by his limiting the sizes of a single serving, he would be helping our kids (as well as adults?) to reduce their sugar content, help reduce tooth decay, help to reduce obesity and maybe even diabetes as well. Now, I have strong feelings as far as the “politics” of this type of behavior, but given this confrontational and aggressive political climate we live in, I try to refrain from such commentary. Perhaps another time. I read an interesting article on that discussed coca Cola’s thinking. Coca Cola’s announcement was, in my humble opinion, self-serving. But if you would like to read the article for yourself, please click on to learn more about Coca Cola’s announcement.