Hurricanes and their HistoryHurricane

Hurricanes conjure up thoughts of fierce winds, torrential downpours of rain and crazy destruction. They are dangerous, as well as deadly. Hurricanes and their History, interests me a lot. So, I decided to do some research about them.

I found a cool website, , and found a wealth of information concerning hurricanes, as well as hurricane history. Hurricanes, evidently, are driven by large scale winds. These winds, such as the “Trade Winds” that emanate from the areas that surround the Caribbean, can potentially become fierce, as well as deadly. Hurricanes and their History are taught in schools. The field od specialty, as far as determining our weather, and weather patterns is called meteorology. A meteorologist is a trained expert who has learned all of the most modern ways of predicting, and sometimes reporting the weather.

This message can sometimes be delivered on television, as well as in newspapers, and radio. With the seemingly unending surge of hurricanes that are hitting us of late, everyone seems to be talking hurricanes. Ok, my original research was to find out more about Hurricanes and their History. When was the first recoded hurricane? What has been the worst hurricane ever to hit us? With all of the talk about global warming, has any supposed increase in it possibly caused all of these hurricanes?

Hurricanes generally start over the ocean. They then (sometimes) make landfall and invade the land. This is where they do the majority of their damage as far as we are concerned. Evidently, most hurricanes never make landfall, and stay out in the oceans, around the globe. Whew! It is a good thing, too! Hurricane activity varies according to season, as well as many different climate patterns. To check out a lot more information on hurricanes, please click on for much more interesting information. Hurricanes and their History can be a very interesting subject to learn about.