Formostar and revenues.Formostar revenues

Formostar and revenues. How is the Formostar connected to revenues? Well, the Formostar is an infrared body wrap system. It was initially developed, or “invented” to deal with pain management. While trying the different prototypes on test subjects, the Formostar was found to aid in weight loss, fat loss, whole body detoxification and cellulite reduction. From that point on, the Formostar was primarily a treatment modality that was utilized by business’. Tanning salons, spas, day spas and Gyms. Then, as the Formostar gained in popularity, it was recognized by the medical community. Soon, Formostar and revenues went hand in hand. You see, there is no “slow season” when one is talking about weight loss. People are interested in toning and body contouring, all year round. Chiropractor’s started to realize that Formostar and revenues could provide a whole new and very diverse source of income. It was bringing in the “non-traditional” clients. So, how is this relationship between Formostar and revenues so helpful to the business owner? The Formostar takes up very little physical space. It consumes very little electric. There is no tan tax imposed on sessions for valued clients and patients. A wonderful way to increase a business’ revenues with the Formostar is to utilize a Groupon promotion. Groupon, ( is a unique way for business owners to, with no money or investments out of pocket, get the word out there. Groupon puts together a great, clever type of ad and through focused emailing, reaches large amounts of your target customers. Sometimes, people do not give it a try as while there are no out of pocket expenses to get this up and going, you do need to split, fifty-fifty, all revenues generated through your promotion. I always have looked at this as a “win-win.” You bring in a non-traditional client to your business. They are then exposed to the rest of your business’ menu of services and more often than not, a good percentage will be retained as full time clients. Formostar and revenues can really help grow and sustain your business! I read a great article about Formostar and revenues. Check out I will leave a small portion of what I read below. If you like it and are interested, please click on to read the entire article.


Formostar and Groupon Revenue Builder

  1. 1. Marketing the Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap System Success Stories
  2. 2. $87,290
  3. 3. $31,050
  4. 4. $24,384
  5. 5. $23,384
  6. 6. $22,040
  7. 7. $21,830
  8. 8. $19,836
  9. 9. $16,458
  10. 10. $21,830
  11. 11. $15,805
  12. 12. $15,515
  13. 13. $14,320
  14. 14. $13,865
  15. 15. $13,311
  16. 16. $11,151
  17. 17. $8,268
  18. 18. $6,921 118 at $53 and 23 at $29
  19. 19. $6,786
  20. 20. $3,973
  21. 21. $2,525
  22. 22. $25,137
  23. 23. $8,425
  24. 24. $7,527
  25. 25. $4,557
  26. 26. $3,120
  27. 27. $2,175