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There is a new movie out, and I just have to see it. It is called “All The Rage”. It is a documentary about the mind-body approach to pain and other symptoms, as discovered and taught by Dr. John Sarno. Formostar and Rage, is something that I have been thinking about a lot of late. I will get into that a bit later, but I believe there is a connection.

Dr. Sarno started out as a conventional back doctor. A surgeon. White lab coat, scalpels and cutting. He was actually very good at what he did. But, he started to notice that many of his successful surgery patients were returning to see him, and not for positive reasons. Their pain had returned. Perplexed, Dr. Sarno started to notice that many of these returning patients shared the same, or many of the same personality traits. The man is a genius. He literally saved my life. He is in his nineties now and no longer practices, but there is an entire group of “Sarno Doctors” out there. There is no replacing the original, but they are also tremendous people. So, how does Formostar and Rage come in to play? Well, Dr. Sarno discovered that repressed anger, in particular, Rage, played an integral role in people suffering from various symptoms. For now, let’s stick to the original one: back pain.

Dr. Sarno theorized that the mind, in particular, the subconscious mind, repressed anger, and kept it there. It was afraid that if some of these thoughts of rage somehow exploded into the consciousness, that it would be dangerous. To the person themselves, and to others. The subconscious mind is very literal, and takes things very seriously. It is also very childlike, and is easily frightened. Dr. Sarno felt that the limbic system, the part of our mind that is the emotional center of our brains, is adjacent to the autonomic nervous system. This part of our brains controls our “remembering” to breath, to have our hearts keep pumping blood and so on. So, he reasoned that in an effort to create a “distraction” from troubling issues, the subconscious mind, with help from the autonomic nervous system, slowed down oxygen rich blood flow to areas (remember, we’re just going to refer to back pain for purposes of this blog) and THAT is what actually causes the pain. Here is where Formostar and Rage comes into play: The Formostar increases blood flow, microcirculation, if you will. So, while you work out these troubling issues, I theorize that using a machine like the Formostar, will give you relief from the pain of what Dr. Sarno calls “TMS”. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Here is a little bit about the movie:

“America is experiencing an epidemic of pain. One man has the answer to the problem yet the medical establishment has ignored him. For nearly 50 years, Dr. John Sarno has been single-handedly battling the pain epidemic by focusing on the mind-body connection and the nature of stress and the manifestation of physical ailments. With a renowned practice in rehabilitative medicine at NYU he is also a bestselling author of numerous books that deal with psychosomatic disorders. Filmmaker Michael Galinsky’s family has a long history with Dr. Sarno and their experience will be woven into the fabric of the film, alongside well known patients, including Howard Stern, John Stossel, Jonathan Ames, Larry David, and many others.
If this sounds like it is of interest to you, please click on to to find out much more about this movie, “All The Rage”.