Formostar and publishing a Novel


SO, you thought that becoming an author was easy, huh? I am here to tell that, no, it is most definitely not! Formostar and publishing a Novel has an interesting connection. It is one that i will revisit shortly.

My grades in school, especially high school were pretty average. On second thought, those average grades? Those were the high marks. There were a few subjects that i (kind of) excelled at. One of those was math. I was always really good at adding up, or subtracting numbers in my head. Division and multiplication came very easily as well. I was also pretty darn decent at spelling. But who was impressed by good grades in spelling?

SO, let us fast forward a whole bunch of years. A few years back, i was FIFTY-SEVEN years old, i believe and my dad asked me why i never had become an author. An author? What? I could barely write my name! (I could spell it though!) So, i thought of this weird concept for writing about The Titanic. Part two, that is. Yes, i know. The boat goes down. And in the movie, Jack dawson drowns. Or does he? Anyway, several people thought it was creative and that i just may have some potential. So, i wrote a few ten-thousand word stories. They seemed to get better and better. Formostar and publishing a Novel had not yet come into play, but i sure did love my Formostar. It relaxed me and sometimes put me in the perfect, relaxed state of mind that I, at least seemed to need, in order to write.

Getting an agent, and or getting a book published sure did seem like a tall order, but i guessed that the first thing i should really set about doing, is to actually write that book.

So, i sat at my office desk and thought. What the heck would (I try to) write about? When i was about eleven years old, i, like most boys, had some arguments with my dad. (It would get really bad during my teen years) I daydreamed of leaving. Of hopping on an old train, and traveling across the whole country. Yes! No responsibility! No one telling me what to do! No money. Oh. No food. Ok, well maybe this was not going to work out.

“The Boxcar Traveler” was soon born. A story of a man who had it all. And then lost it all. Who “took to the rails” to find himself, and to meet many new friends as well as foes. Formostar and publishing a Novel was very key in my getting this project done. The Formostar kept me super relaxed and cleared my mind. It helped my stiff back from sitting so long at myt writers chair, and i even lost weight! I found a cool article on www. and will leave you with some of it below. If you like what you read, please click onto to read the balance of this article. happy reading. (and writing?)


Step 1: Getting an Agent

Most unpublished authors who write to me requesting help focus on the first issue, and I fully understand the Catch-22 with getting an agent: agents want someone who’s published before, but how can a person get published without an agent? As hard as it is, it happens all the time. All successful writers were once in the same boat you are, but they found a way to do it. Believe me when I tell you that agents sign new authors all the time. It is tough to get an agent, but it’s important to understand that of the three steps listed above, the first step is the easiest.