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Formostar and physical therapy do hand in hand. I attended a physical therapy class, many years ago. I actually think that is may have been called “back school.” I had injured my back and rest, ice, stretching, did not seem to really give me any sort of relief. The Formostar is an infrared body treatment that incorporates both far infrared, as well as near infrared heat energies. People who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, menstrual or post-partum pain, back pain, muscle or joint pain and other conditions find Formostar treatments particularly soothing and beneficial. Often athletes use Formostar to enhance muscle tone and reduce soreness and fatigue on muscles. The concept of physical therapy, also sometimes known as physiotherapy, has its roots in the most primitive of medicines. Thousands of years ago, so called “healers” used touch, by hand or other means, to bring different levels of comfort, to those in pain. Formostar and physical therapy has a definite connection. The Formostar, heats up the human bodies internal temperature by two to three degrees. This in turn, helps to increase micro circulation as well as to increase lymphatic drainage. These things can be helpful in reducing pain, as well as reducing inflammation. To apply all the different treatment modalities that come with physical therapy, candidates must complete rigorous training and at that time, they may get into the world of helping others. Chiropractors now include all different types of physical therapy, in an effort to help their patients. Formostar and physical therapy go together well during chiropractic visits. If used before chiropractic adjustments, the Formostar can relax different muscles, as well as ligaments and tendons, thus allowing for an easier adjustment. I did some research into Formostar and physical therapy, and found that the website had many interesting stories about this relationship. I will leave a short portion of some of this information, for you to read, below. If you find it of interest, please click on to read the entire section. Thanks!

Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that, by using mechanical force and movements, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. It is performed by physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries).

In addition to clinical practice, other activities encompassed in the physical therapy profession include research, education, consultation, and administration. Physical therapy services may be provided alongside, or in conjunction with, other medical services.