Formostar and Middle- AgeMiddle age

Formostar and Middle- Age. There is a very definite connection there. I am fifty-eight years of age now. I started to use the Formostar about six years ago. I owned and operated a Tanning Salon. It was called Hawaiian Bronze Tanning. We added The Formostar and we actually, at that point extended the name to Hawaiian Bronze Tanning and Spa. I mean it was not an “official” or legal change but we referenced ourselves by this new name on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. So, I suppose I was about fifty-two years old. I loved the Formostar as I truly believed that it would in fact become a tremendous revenue generator. I was indeed correct. Formostar and Middle- Age

Was not really in any way related to my decision to make this purchase and feature it at my salon. I was actually hesitant to add anything other than tanning beds or tanning equipment. At that point we had already been open about eight years and were doing quite well. But I was looking, always looking, for new ways to make money. New ways to bring in both new and different types of clientele. My personal interest in The Formostar was for weight loss. Fat loss also. I knew that this amazing machine helped the body to detox and a had a host of other great benefits. I truly lost a lot of weight and the Formostar was indeed a great success. I sold the salon a few years later as the resale value was way up as revenues, because of this machine had really revitalized the business. This increased the resale value. As I became a little bit older, I started to have some aches and pains. I denied that it could have anything to do with middle age! No way! Not me! I was still young! I felt like a teenager! The aches and pains increased. I had become a Formostar distributor so I had my own Formostar in my office. What had I been thinking? I know I was in denial, but with a solution right in front of my eyes, how could I not have increased my Formostar use? Formostar and Middle- Age was applicable now. To me. Oh yes. I had to admit this and come to terms with it. So, I set up my Formostar, turned on those wonderful warming pads and relaxed. I fell asleep actually! Fifty minutes later I awoke. I felt much more limber and flexible. Why was I even surprised? I mean, I knew how it worked. The Formostar increased microcirculation. This helped to bring rich and super oxygenated blood to tissues all throughout the body. Muscles warmed up and were actually fed nutrients. The same exact thing was true for my tendons and ligaments. I was really feeling so much better. Formostar and Middle- Age was a definite connection. And this time, it applied to yours truly. And I admit that! Check out my own personal website, or to find out even more benefits about this machine as well as Formostar and Middle- Age.