Formostar and George Foreman Grillsgeorge-foreman-grill1

The Formostar and george Foreman Grills. The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap: The only machine in the world to incorporate BOTH Far Infrared, as well as Near Infrared heat energies. Formostar and George Foreman Grills is something that i will explain a little later. It is kinda funny, but gets the point across very well.

When using The Formostar, realize that you are using the most cutting edge, science driven Infrared machine in the world. So, what is Infrared? Well, when you step outside on a warm and sunny day, that wonderful heat that you feel, is actually Infrared heat. In actuality, it is LIGHT. When this light spectrum is applied to the body, it is perceived as heat. It feels great!

Far Infrared penetrates more deeply. Now, keeping in mind that it is technically light, it would in fact travel forever. When applied to our bodies, it travels until the point of resistance. Far Infrared will travel down until it reaches the bone. At that time, it reverses course and travels back upwards. Near Infrared it a bit of a more intense bundle of energy. It penetrates at just the top layer of the dermis.

Is one “better” than the other. How are they different? One is not better than the other. Here’s a bit of a humorous analogy that puts it all in perspective:

Most of you may have heard of “The George Foreman Grills.” If you took a big, fat slab of cold butter, and dropped it on the bottom portion of the grill, you could see it start to bubble… from the bottom, up. However, as hot as that grill was, you could still put your finger on top of that cold butter, and not even feel any heat. But, if you closed the top, that butter, would emulsify almost instantly. So, the “butter” = Fat. The Bottom portion of the grill= Far Infrared and the top portion=Near Infrared. Far Infrared on its own, will do a nice job. Nera Infrared also does have benefits. But put them both together? You have a fat burning machine!

The Formostar, with BOTH Far Infrared, as well as near Infrared, will emulsify fat, melt away cellulite, manage pain, as well as detoxify the entire body. On the “way down”, the energy beaks down fats into tiny particles. It reaches so deeply, that it reaches the deeply buried cellulite fat. Formostar and George Foreman Grills is a perfect analogy. Cellulite is a hard, “marble-like” deposit of “old” fat. It never got burned, so it has just been sitting there. Not much warming, oxygen rich blood ever reaches down that low, so it is very resistant to almost all methods of weight loss. How many of you have had this happen? You lose weight, you diet, you lift weights, you jog, but that cellulite is still there! FRUSTRATING, right? But with the Formostar, the deep penetrating Far Infrared as well as the top heating Near Infrared, creates an environment that just breaks down this stubborn fat. It turns it back into “regular” fat and continues to break it down into infinitesimal particles that the body then consumes as energy. Even if you don’t exercise, you will still lose weight. (Of course, with a doctor’s ok, you should incorporate exercise into you daily routine)

This emulsified fat, is then voided by the body’s natural pathways of elimination: Perspiration, defecation & urination. Toxins are removed through the bodies lymphatic drainage system. Formostar and George Foreman Grills, show the exact way that this process actually works. The Formostar is truly a unique, cutting edge, medical grade piece of equipment. Incorporating BOTH Near and Far infrared energies is more expensive, but we want only the best for our valued clients. You!